[CM] help with windows xemacs cm nightmare

Simon Kirby simon@ling.ed.ac.uk
Sat, 29 Jun 2002 16:50:28 +0100

OK - I've tried translate-logical-pathname in the three relevant situations:

1. When attempting to start from Xemacs, I get:
2. When running from a command prompt somewhere in drive C:
3. When running from a command prompt somewhere in drive E:

Just in case it is the odd response in 1 that is causing cm to fail in
Xemacs, I moved the distribution to c:/lisp/cm-2.3.4 Unfortunately, this
doesn't solve that problem.

Next step: I downloaded clisp version 2.28 and recompiled cm-2.3.4 from the
source distribution. I'm afraid that the behaviour is exactly the same (i.e.
failure to load correctly in emacs, and failure to produce an output file
unless started from a prompt on the C: drive). The only difference is that
with the recompiled version the odd pathname listed above in 1 no longer
shows up.

I have also tried running cm from a bash prompt running inside emacs. It
seems to me that this should be exactly the same as running the same command
from a bash prompt outside of emacs. However, even in this case, I get the
same [stream.d:9135] error message!

When I run the processes example from a lisp started from the command prompt
in C, I get a message telling me about the temporary midi file. I wonder if
this is the same on yours (i.e., without the C: prefix)?

[3]> (events (ex4) out)


I think there are really two unrelated problems here - the xemacs one, and
the running-from-another-drive one. It is the former that is more
pressing... I can't imagine using CM without emacs!

Are there any other things I could try that would help you diagnose the
problem? I wonder what the differences are between my windows machine and
yours? I am running Xemacs version 21.4. I also use Cygwin, but I can't
really see how this could make a difference, because the Xemacs isn't a
special Cygwin version, my custom.el has no cygwin-specific info in it, and
I start xemacs from the start menu, not from a shell....

Oh dear... thank you for bothering with this! I really want us to get to the
bottom of it if we can!