[CM] CM/CLM/CMN goes webway

Anders Vinjar cmdist@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
28 Jun 2002 16:45:22 +0200

Ive set up a web-server displaying various graphics, sounds,
scores of some sound/art/music - doing all of its content-work
through the CM/CMN/CLM packages.  It could be interesting to some
cmdist-readers.  The main entrance is


- which is a webpage created dynamically with cm/cmn.  The server
runs Allegros 'aserve together with cm/clm/cmn.  The output is
webified with gs and realproducer.

The site contains (potential) art, links to dynamically generated
elements of the piece - sound, scores, graphics, text.  Push
"Reload" to get a new version (eventually).

The art-content of this piece is distributed through the whole
web-site, and the audience-impact is a central element here.  You
cant observe any of this without changing it.  (Theres a page
describing the esthetics, but im afraid its only in Norwegian so
far: http://kunst.kulturnett.no/galleriet)

I can explain more of the technicalities if anyones interested.
Ill make a phase-2 version sometime, which connects to musical

Have fun!  Tell me about any flaws you find.