[CM] sndplay hangs after playing soundfile

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Tue, 30 Jul 2002 11:31:03 -0700

> I'm not sure if this is a well-known issue, as I couldn't find any reference
> to it in the archives. When I play a sound with sndplay (the most recent
> version available from ccrma), it hangs after the sound ends, and I have to
> Ctrl-C to exit it.

Is this from within lisp itself or as a standalone program?
You should try "sndplay somesoundfile" from the command line
to see if sndplay hangs by itself or if this is a problem with
the interface from lisp to sndplay (BTW, which lisp?).

> This is particularly frustrating when using clm in emacs.
> When I send a buffer to clm, clm does the processing, plays the sound, but
> then will hang on the next processing run unless I explicitly 'kill' the
> current hanging sndplay process (at which point, it immediately fires up
> another one and plays the queued sound). Does any one know what is causing it
> to not exit properly?

[this is probably NOT the problem, but it could be that by
mistake you are creating a very long sound with silence at the
end, that would account for a "hung" process, you could edit
the resulting soundfile in snd or your favorite editor and
check that there is no tail of silence in it]

-- Fernando