[CM] reality check

Carl Edwards carl.boingie@rcn.com
Mon, 1 Jul 2002 21:19:26 -0400

This is a request for an "off the top of your head" response:

As a simple (?) excercise I'd like to prepare a list of chords paired with
"an amount" for the number of beats or measures that the chord should remain
in effect. I'd use these to guide a transpose object (I reckon). I don't see
an oject in CM for that type of "paired list". Should I just get used to the
idea of using two seperate lists? Have I missed an object in the docs? Does
anyone have favorite "alternative" use for an other CM object? Is this a job
for defstruct? Or, should I roll up my sleaves and learn to use the
defobject macro?

I just wanted to check before I begin making a mess...

Thanks in advance.

Carl Edwards