[CM] a new/old CM problem

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Thu, 19 Dec 2002 07:58:14 -0800

> Hi Rick:
>   When I compile the attached code with the last CM 2.4.0 I receive this
> error:

> No dispatch function defined for #\!.
> Compilation unit finished.

this is becaus compiling the CM sources does not set *readtable* to
so if you do not save an image then you have to do this by hand:
    (setf *readtable* *cm-readtable*)

maybe i should explicitly set *readtable* in cm.lisp.

>   Btw, should #! have a dictionary entry ?

it turns out that GUILE claims #!  so I cant use that for CM in GUile.
It seems as if #$ works in both Guile and CLTL and thats the one that now
appears in the dictioary.
But #! will still continue to work in CLTL. I wont remove it. Maybe i should
add a note to that affect in the dictionary or let the user control what
dispatch character is used.

Im trying very hard to reach a "standardized" look for CM that is the same
in both scheme and cl so that the docs and book are not confusing.