[CM] a Snd/Scheme question

Bill Schottstaedt bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Thu, 19 Dec 2002 03:13:53 -0800

>	(jc-reverb 2.5 #f .3 '(0 0 1 1))
>  I'd like to scale the reverb decay (2.5) through the sound in the same
> manner as the amplitude is scaled (.3 '(0 0 1 1)). This seems like it
> should be simple enough to do, but I'm drawing blanks. Is there an easy
> way to achieve what I'm trying to do ?

I think the amp env is applied to the entire reverb duration (that is,
it already includes the extra time at the end).  I'm not sure what you
want here.  "decay dur" here refers to how long the reverb is left on
at the end of the sound.  To change the reverb characteristics during
the sound, you can change the feedback coefficients, gains, or the
delay lengths (using "zdelays" presumably) -- I haven't experimented
with this much.  The simplest and most foolproof method would probably
be to run jlrev (or nrev, etc) at the same time, and use an envelope
to pan between reverbs.  To change the reverb amount, you could
put an envelope on the incoming signal.