[CM] import-events in CM 2.4.0?

Larry Troxler lt@westnet.com
Sun, 15 Dec 2002 18:59:30 -0500

Hi, I'm trying to import a Midi file into CM.

However, #'import-events isn't working for me in CM-2.4.0.

All I can see in the sources is a recursive call that translates the
string into an io parameter.

My guess is that this function isn't implemented yet. Is this correct?

The weird thing is that I know that midi import worked on earlier CM
versions (I used it quite a lot). I think the function was named
something else, but the functionality was there.

My apologies if this subject was already covered on this list and I
wasn't listening at the time.

And most of all, what is an interim method to translate a midi file into
a CM sequence?

Larry Troxler