[CM] Ways of interacting with CMN? Hockers: You heard it here first :-)

Ruven Gottlieb igadget@earthlink.net
Sun, 15 Dec 2002 13:02:56 -0500


I'd like to know how members of the list interact with CMN?  Hopefully 
not just within lisp.  It seems awfully inefficient, typing '(load 
"filename")' all the time -that's how I do it right now, and it sucks. 
 I'm trying to set CMN up so that non-hackers (and "hockers*" like me 
:-) can use it to generate large-print, and Braille sheet music.  In 
another post I mentioned I'd like to use CMN within emacs, so I can 
easily edit and reload a file I'm working on. I don't see anything in 
the distribution. How do you all do it?

Pardon my density,

Ruven Gottlieb, Hocker in Gantzen

* "Hocker" -from the Yiddish "hock: to bang or pound (on)", as in "hock 
mir nisht ah chainick! (lit. Don't bang at me on a teakettle)" = "Stop 
bugging me!" - is my term for those of us who like to do the things 
"Hackers" like to do, but who have to substitute trial-and-error, and 
dint-of-will for mastery and elegance, e.g. "I'm hocking on qmail; I 
ought to have if figured out in a week or two."  I hope that was fun. :-)