[CM] mobile sound?

Anders Vinjar anders.vinjar@notam02.no
11 Dec 2002 17:32:08 +0100

    BS> I could extend this to handle any function, so you could
    BS> embed Common Music processes or whatever in the sample
    BS> accessors, so each time you look at it, you get a new
    BS> version of the compositional algorithm -- Snd could be
    BS> used as the algorithm editor.

These kinds of abstractions seem extremely powerful.

How to have the trees displayed in a meaningful manner,
especially related to common-music type work?  Maybe the edits
could be given optional names?  ie. "inversed", "prolongue-1",
"scale-1" etc. - and a more specialised graphing system put

If all this is based on closures, doing "Select-All", should it
write out a temp-file of the state as now?  And how to import it
into some arbitrary place in the tree again?  Would pasting it in
be analogous to take a certain stage of the edit-history and
append the rest?

Getting Snd with CLM and CM even more tightly integrated seems to
be almost inconceivably powerful.  The display and
state-mechanisms of Snd would be very useful to CM-work (and
interactive Scheme-programming as such) as well.