[CM] fun with CM + Linux

Dave Phillips dlphilp@bright.net
Fri, 06 Dec 2002 11:47:55 -0500


  In cm-2.4.0/src/midi2.lisp this line provides the direction to the
Linux playmidi MIDI file player :

    (shell "/usr/bin/playmidi~a ~a > /dev/null &" opts file)

  This will work well enough, but I've changed it here to this line :

    (shell "timidity -ig -c /home/dlphilp/timidity-sf2.cfg~a ~a >
/dev/null &" opts file)

  That will call TiMidity with its Gtk interface and utilize a
configuration file that references the Fluid soundfonts. The TiMidity
config file is quite simple:

	soundfont /home/dlphilp/soundfiles/sfonts/FluidR3_20GM.SF2

I get transport control over the MIDI player, plus I get a
nicer-sounding rendition of the MIDI file.

  I do have one question: rather than changing this line each time I
compile CM, is there a way to override the default, perhaps via the
cminit.lisp ? Sorry if that's a simple question, I'm a simple man... ;)

Best regards,

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