[CM] CM csound f-statements and variable # of params

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Mon, 2 Dec 2002 05:47:19 -0600

>In csound f-table statements, there is typically a variable number of
>For example, there could be an arbitrary number of parameters specifying
>the amplitudes for an arbitrary number of harmonics.
>So I think the most natural thing is to make it possible for a parameter
>to be a list of values, and have the output function spread this out
>appropriately. If this is not the best approach, I'm interested in
>hearing how this might better be accomplished.

THis will actually work with one small mod to the csound code. I guess I should also add back the old "i" and "f" classes while im at it even though they are no longer necessary. give these you will do

(defobject f3 (f)
  ((env :initform '()))
 (:parameters time &rest env)

ill add this today and put a new tarball on the server with some cmn and cmucl fixes as well.

>In 2.3.4 I modified the write method for the csound object and I'm
>trying to do something similar in 2.4.0. I'm having problems because I'm
>not sure what's going on and I'm confused by all the backquoting, being
>a relative newbie at lisp.
>I think I have to modify #'sco-par-print, but I keep getting errors when
>I try (again I think because I don't have a handle on the backqouting
>Can someone help out? 
>Larry Troxler
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