[CM] CM csound f-statements and variable # of params

Larry Troxler lt@westnet.com
Sun, 01 Dec 2002 22:12:35 -0500

Hello again.

For the most part I have been having good luck switching from CM 2.3.4
to 2.4.0.

However, there is on patch that I applied to 2.3.4 that I'm having
difficulting applying to 2.4.0.

In csound f-table statements, there is typically a variable number of
For example, there could be an arbitrary number of parameters specifying
the amplitudes for an arbitrary number of harmonics.

So I think the most natural thing is to make it possible for a parameter
to be a list of values, and have the output function spread this out
appropriately. If this is not the best approach, I'm interested in
hearing how this might better be accomplished.

In 2.3.4 I modified the write method for the csound object and I'm
trying to do something similar in 2.4.0. I'm having problems because I'm
not sure what's going on and I'm confused by all the backquoting, being
a relative newbie at lisp.

I think I have to modify #'sco-par-print, but I keep getting errors when
I try (again I think because I don't have a handle on the backqouting

Can someone help out? 

Larry Troxler