[CM] cmn and accidentals

Michal Seta mis@creazone.com
Thu, 29 Aug 2002 23:27:32 -0500


I decided to take a plunge into cmn.  I wanted to define some accidentals (I'll be scoring a piece using just intonation tunning) and the accidentals in quarter.lisp are not really what I want.  So, (although my lisp knowledge is rather rudimentary) I started following the exmaple of quarter.lisp file and started defining new accidentals.  Although the results are o.k. so far the main problem that I have is that when I'm combining 2 accidentals (say a sharp and my definition of a 'comma flat') the resulting accidental averlaps the previous note.  I tried to play with the -bounds variable to no effect.  Even using sharp-bounds, instead of my own definition, doesn't do anything.  So how can i control the way the accidentals are displayed?  and their size/appearance?

I would prefer doing it in the definition rather than scaling hacks in the actual score.

And a second question, potentially simpler one:

suppose i define some functions for use in my score (and I might wnat to reuse them) I would like eto put them in a separate file and call that file in my 'score' file.  How?



Michal Seta