[Stk] RtAudio and Digidesign

dimoni@dimoni.demon.nl dimoni@dimoni.demon.nl
Tue, 12 Oct 2004 20:03:08 +0200

Hi there,

is it possible to use a firewire sound device such as digi002r from 
digidesign and RtAudio?

I have run the probe.cpp from the tutorial to check out what devices 
RtAudio would recognise, but it didn't show the digi002R (8 inputs, 8 

I have digidesign CoreAudio Driver 6.5.2 installed in my machine and I 
compile as follows:

g++ -Wall -D__MACOSX_CORE__ -o digi002r test.cpp -lpthread -lstk 
-framework CoreAudio -framework CoreMidi -framework CoreFoundation 
-framework DigiMachOServices -framework DigidesignFWDriver

The output I get is the following:

device = 1
: maximum output channels = 8        <- ESI sound Card
: maximum input channels = 2
device = 2
: maximum output channels = 2       <- Built in Audio
: maximum input channels = 2
device = 3
: maximum output channels = 2       <- AudioMedia III soundcard
: maximum input channels = 4

There is a 4th device missing with 8 inputs and 8 ouputs. That is, the 

Is there anything I could do, so RtAudio would find the 4th device?

Thanks in advance,