[PlanetCCRMANews] rt kernels, ho, ho, ho!

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano nando at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Fri Dec 24 15:08:27 PST 2010

Hi all... a few days ago Thomas Gleixner announced a new version of the 
rt patch for the kernel (rt30).

I built packages based on the last based build in Fedora Koji 
(149) and the rt30 patch. I have been using 149 based builds for a while 
with no problems (other than the well known warnings that rt sometimes 
spews). So this should work fine. Of course if you are happily making 
music with your current kernel there is no need to upgrade.

Anyway, packages are available for Fedora 13 and (first release on 
planetcore) for Fedora 14. Lightly tested on my new laptop (13) and my 
old one (14), both tests i386 only. So YMMV. Specially on Fedora 14 
where 2.6.33 is a bit stale, it may happen that something works on the 
newer stock fc14 kernels and does not on the Planet CCRMA rt version 
(because it is too old), in which you will have to keep running stock 

Thomas mentioned that an rt version is in the works for 2.6.37, so we 
have to be patient...

Ho ho ho!
-- Fernando

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