[PlanetCCRMA] dual boot mess (solved)

Juan Reyes juanig at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Mon Feb 21 10:58:18 PST 2022

Hi Oded,

Good that you were able to fix the EFI partition.

Just so that you don't feel lonely in this world, it happen to me also,
not only once but twice!, couple of years ago. First time I was not as
lucky as to be able to find out solution on the Web like you were. For
me after searching on the mikrozoft site for hours, got impatient and
end up installing Windows again from scratch. Little that I know, it
would take a morning+ (or a night) doing that. Second time I had a disk
image, but still very annoying.

I see that this issue comes up when formatting from scratch on the
Fedora Anaconda Install graphic interface; it is very easy to put a
check mark to reformat the EFI partition. Fedora makes you aware of this
reformatting action but slightly and on side with other actions. So,
it's hard to see that one's reformatting the EFI partition.

Hard lesson was to always make sure this option is untouched when
formatting for a new install. However, I believe installer should make
you aware of that using a warning with capital letters. Other lesson as
already pointed out, yes!, have a backup (or an image) somewhere else.

Hope it doesn't happen to anyone or to any  of us again and, btw, thanks
for sharing the link which I am also saving for future reference.

Good that PlanetCCRMA still a good source for Linux issues.

   Best of all,

   --* Juan Reyes

> Glad you didn't lose your windows installation. I don't like dual boot 
> because I think it's counterproductive, but I understand the reasons for 
> those who have to use it. In recent years I am 100% linux, even for games.
> Good luck with your new setup.

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