[PlanetCCRMA] Fatal error compiling NVIDIA kernel module

Alfonso M Sanchez-Lafuente alfonso at slafuente.es
Wed Apr 8 09:49:37 PDT 2020

Hi there!

I've been successfully using fedora 27 + ccrma kernels for quite a few 
years. However, I have now upgraded my system to Fedora 31. I have to 
use the NVIDIA drivers, rather then the nouveau ones, due to ramdon 
system freezes cause by the video card, which made the system completely 
unusable. However, when compiling the nvidia module using akmods I get 
the following error:


2020/04/08 18:37:12 akmodsbuild: FATAL: modpost: GPL-incompatible module 
nvidia-modeset.ko uses GPL-only symbol 'lockdep_init_map'
2020/04/08 18:37:12 akmodsbuild: make[2]: *** 
[scripts/Makefile.modpost:94: __modpost] Error 1
2020/04/08 18:37:12 akmodsbuild: make[1]: *** [Makefile:1603: modules] 
Error 2
2020/04/08 18:37:12 akmodsbuild: make[1]: Leaving directory 
2020/04/08 18:37:12 akmodsbuild: make: *** [Makefile:81: modules] Error 2
2020/04/08 18:37:12 akmodsbuild: error: Estado de salida erróneo de 
/var/tmp/rpm-tmp.E7vRWE (%build)


I've ben reading about that GPL-thing but, honestly, I have no clue 
about what this is all about, and/or if there is any solution or 
workaround. The nvidia module compiles just fine when using the 
"official" kernels in fedora repository.

I would appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance.--

-- amsl

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