[PlanetCCRMA] hexter-dssi

Martin Tarenskeen m.tarenskeen at zonnet.nl
Thu May 30 03:29:17 PDT 2019


If I start hexter the GUI doesn't show up. But in the invisible background 
the sound engine ís started. For example it shows up in qjackctl. If I 
start vkeybd I can trigger and hear sound when I connect MIDI from vkeybd 
to hexter.

Any Fedora (30) users here having the same issue?

P.S. latest upstream version of hexter-dssi is v1.1.0, Fedora 30 version 
is v1.0.0. Recompiling to the latest version did not fix this for me.

hexter-dssi is one of my favorite DX7 emulators. Yes I know Dexed is the 
better DX7 emulator, but I use hexter-dssi often for testing DX7 patches. 
It can read more fileformats than Dexed, thanks to some sourcecode 
contributed by me :-)

But without a working GUI it's quite useless. Help?
Bug reported on Bugzilla also.



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