[PlanetCCRMA] How to install Fedora 23 + Planet CCRMA rt kernel ?

David Aldrich David.Aldrich at EMEA.NEC.COM
Mon Mar 14 07:00:33 PDT 2016


I want to install Fedora 23 x86_64 and the respective Planet CCRMA rt kernel on a new system.

The Planet CCRMA installation instructions stop at Fedora 22 (http://ccrma.stanford.edu/planetccrma/software/installplanettwenty.html).

Does Planet CCRMA support a rt kernel for Fedora 23 yet?

If yes, would the following steps be enough for me?

	1) Install Fedora 23 x86_64
	2) Add the Planet CCRMA repositories for Fedora 23
	3) Install the rt kernel as follows:

	yum install planetccrma-core 

Best regards


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