[PlanetCCRMA] [PlanetCCRMANews] cant install Planet CCRMA- wrong repo?

Alan Brooker alan.brookerhome at gmail.com
Sat Dec 10 13:33:07 PST 2016

Hi Fernando/Andy,

Apologies for posting in the wrong place! And thanks for the replies and
welcomes- yes appreciate all the work you must be putting into the next
release so will hold tight.

Andy Grove... of Audio Note?  Who make those nice valve stereos systems and
kits? Wow! I'm intrigued to know your thoughts on Fedora.

Thanks again all, best wishes


On Sat, Dec 10, 2016 at 12:29 AM, Andy Grove <Andy.Grove at audionote.co.uk>

> Hi Alan,
> Fedora is a very fast moving distro, Planet CCRMA will catch up in a few
> days.
> By the way, welcome to Fedora - and, also, if you an audiophile, welcome
> to good sound from Fedora.
> Andy
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> Greetings,
> I am hoping for some advice, I have a fresh install of Fedora 25 (a new to
> Fedora) and I have been trying to install Planet CCRMA software but if I
> try to install software I get these error messages:
> yum install supercollider-world
> Redirecting to '/usr/bin/dnf install supercollider-world' (see 'man
> yum2dnf')
> Failed to synchronize cache for repo 'planetcore', disabling.
> Failed to synchronize cache for repo 'planetccrma', disabling.
> Last metadata expiration check: 1:42:11 ago on Thu Dec  8 19:54:56 2016.
> No package supercollider-world available.
> Error: Unable to find a match.
> I see there is no repo for Fedora 25 on the website- but I assumed the
> repos would still be backward compatible ? Thank you for any advice- much
> appreciated.
> Alan
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