[PlanetCCRMA] fedora 20

Felix Homann linuxaudio at showlabor.de
Mon Mar 2 13:40:41 PST 2015

At least pd-extended is still missing for F21 so F20 might be a better

Samuel Sieb <samuel at sieb.net> schrieb am Mo., 2. März 2015 20:03:

> On 03/02/2015 10:41 AM, elecronicq qcinorcele wrote:
> > i just installed fedora 20 lxde on my laptop, following an install of
> > the planetccrma repository but now i arrived at a point where i don't
> > understand what is going on with my audio setup entrails---is it pulse
> > audio, alsa or jack server that are controlling the thing?
> > thank you in advance
> >
> ALSA is the kernel layer (and a wrapper library).  By default, you will
> be running PulseAudio as the audio system, but if you install Jack, you
> can use that.  It should be able to take over control from PulseAudio
> when it starts up.
> As an aside, why F20?  F21 has been out for a while, F22 is already
> approaching Alpha.
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