[PlanetCCRMA] libfaust.a

Donald Steven t6sn7gt at aim.com
Mon Jun 30 09:24:38 PDT 2014

I've installed faust, llvm and a number of  related software, but I 
can't find libfaust.a without which I can't seem to enable the faust 
opcodes in csound6 or csound6-devel.

1. Are the faust opcodes required by csound in order for faust to work?  
(I'm just new to faust and would like to try it)?
2. How do I get cmake to enable the faust opcodes?  I'm using: #cmake 
-DFAUST_LIBRARY=$HOME/lib/faust/libfaust.a ./

The $HOME/lib/faust/libfaust.a is a non-issue.  There is no file 
libfaust.a anywhere on my system.

3. How do I get libfaust.a successfully installed in /usr/lib or 

Many thanks for any help anyone can provide.


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