[PlanetCCRMA] Fedora 20 real time kernel crashes

Brian Fay ovaltinevortex at gmail.com
Sat Aug 16 09:30:02 PDT 2014

Thanks for the responses.

The generic kernel runs fine, and it might be good enough for my needs.
Really, I've been a bit greedy with my audio setup; I want to be able to
run low latency (around 3 buffers of 64 frames at 48000) all the time with
no dropouts, when this really might not be realistic (especially when I
have a web browser and a lot of tabs open).

If I use Cinnamon (haven't tested plain Gnome much), I can't keep audio
very stable at low latencies; I get tons of xruns when moving windows

Things are way smoother with Openbox. It's pretty ugly and confusing
compared to other window managers, but for audio work it probably won't be
too bad.

I might also need to look into reducing MIDI latency; I tried setting up a
mic in front of my MIDI controller and another one in front of a pair of
headphones, and it seemed like there was a pretty big delay between the
time I trigger a sound and the time I hear it - probably never less than 20
milliseconds even when running jack and pd at a level that should have
given me about... 5 milliseconds.

If things don't work out on Fedora, I might test my luck with Ubuntu Studio
or KXstudio, which also have readily available lowlatency and realtime

But for now, I'll try seeing where I can get on the generic kernel.
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