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Simon Lewis simon.lewis at slnet-online.de
Mon Oct 28 11:25:57 PDT 2013

Hallo FGPkeys

The following is at your own risk, I can only say it works on my fc19 
installation. I was hoping planetCCRMA would make a proper package for this.

If you looking for an automatic installation that not only installs the 
files in the right location, but also runs the necessary scripts after 
installation / before de-installation then the easiest way is to build a 
rpm file from the spec file attached in my original e-mail.

The steps are as follows:

In a terminal such as Konsole:


  yum groupinstall "RPM Development Tools"




Use file manager such dolphin or krusader to copy all files attached in 
my original e-mail (except the spec file) to the following folder in you 
home directory...


Copy the spec file to the following folder in you home directory...


To build an installable rpm you need to involk rpmbuild in the terminal 
from the folder where the spec file is to be found. The easiest way is 
to navigate to /rpmbuild/SPECS/ in krusader and press the F2 function 
key. In the terminal enter...

rpmbuild -ba rt-permissions-session.spec

Then in krusader navigate to /rpmbuild/RPMS/noarch in you home directory 
to find the rpm you have just built.

To install the file press F2 in krusader and enter the following 
commands in the terminal...


yum localinstall --nogpgcheck 



With a little luck all should be installed and the scripts run. To check 
the installation run the following commands from a terminal...

cat /proc/sys/dev/hpet/max-user-freq

cat /proc/sys/vm/swappiness

cat /proc/sys/fs/inotify/max_user_watches

cat /sys/class/rtc/rtc0/max_user_freq

Good luck, Simon

Am 28.10.2013 13:39, schrieb FGPkeys:
> Hello, Simon.
> Thanks for these configuration files.
> I'm just a musician with little knowledge of Linux.
> I'm using "Fedora Jam 19", but unfortunately does not include any 
> optimization. Only limited to the software include the official 
> repositories.
> I would write a guide to configure Fedora in top condition.
> Could you tell me how to copy these files automatically?Thank you!
> 2013/5/23 Simon Lewis <simon.lewis at slnet-online.de 
> <mailto:simon.lewis at slnet-online.de>>
>     As a prologue, there is tons of advice on the internet for
>     configuring audio on linux, but it's like wiki and life in
>     general, 95% rubbish and the truth is hidden in the other 5%.
>     Never-the-less, occasionally a neat little tweak comes along that
>     actually works. It would be useful to gather these tweaks in a
>     single package that can be cleanly installed, upgraded and removed
>     over the package management and where the necessary services are
>     automatically stated on booting the system.
>     Fernando has already started this with "planetccrma-rt-permissions
>     <http://ccrma.stanford.edu/planetccrma/mirror/fedora/linux/planetccrma/18/x86_64/repoview/planetccrma-rt-permissions.html>.
>     I've added a few more and included a corresponding rpm spec file .
>     I'm just a user and not a programmer and I am sure you know other
>     and probably better ways of doing this. But on my two systems it
>     works, it is here and is now. At least Quickscan from Brendan
>     Jones' "realTimeConfigQuickScan" package gives lots of green ticks.
>     Any suggestions for more tricks and better ways of doing things
>     are welcome
>     Simon
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