[PlanetCCRMA] linux-port of OpenMusic

anders.vinjar at bek.no anders.vinjar at bek.no
Sat Nov 2 15:43:29 PDT 2013

>>>>> "D" == Donald Steven <t6sn7gt at aim.com> writes:

    D> Thanks Anders.  I followed the instructions. I copied all of the
    D> resources/lib/linux lib* files (and the links -- maybe I
    D> shouldn't have?)

Hi Donald, thanks for feedback.

Yes, it seems the idea of distributing these libs (.so-files) as part of
the build wasn't a very good one (just copied from the osx/win scheme).

Please make sure the necessary 32-bit libs instead gets installed using
your dists package-system, ie (for fedora):

 yum install fluidsynth-libs.i686 libsndfile.i686 jack-audio-connection-kit.i686

SDIF isn't really necessary for most things.

I'll make the tarball reflect these changes, until i get a proper .rpm
set up, which should make install and local maintenance easier.


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