[PlanetCCRMA] IRQ problems on P8Z68-V ProGen3

Stephan Neuhaus sten at artdecode.de
Sun Sep 9 02:02:37 PDT 2012

Dear list,

I have successfully installed Planet CCRMA on a machine with the above-mentioned motherboard. (For those of you with long memories, I recently reported problems installing FC17/64-bit on this machine with EFI. In the end, I gave up and installed it so that it boots in BIOS mode. I had to reinstall Windows yet again, which sucked, but now I have a machine that dual-boots.)

My sound card is a M-Audio Delta 1010, and it sits on IRQ 18.  Also on IRQ 18 sits something that might be a USB controller (more detailed information available on request).  When I try to do anything at all with the sound card (such as running jackd and connecting Hydrogen to it), I get "IRQ 18 resetting" messages in /var/log/messages, accompanied by massive xruns. 

So I'm thinking that perhaps I can assign a different IRQ to the sound card.  Unfortunately, due to a rather massive ATI Radeon 7990, there is no other PCI slot available. (Why a 7990? It's super-quiet in 2D---the fan stays off!---and super-fast when gaming.)

Are there any other options of assigning a different IRQ to the sound card, or any other way of resolving my problem?  On Windows, I have no problems at all playing sound, so I guess that it should be possible.

Ah, and I cannot run the realtime kernel, since it seems to affect the catalyst driver for the 7990.  (That's just my interpretation, but I get flickering video and moving windows takes ages.) I need that driver since it seems to be the only way to get the fan to stop in 2D mode.  If there is a way to run the realtime kernel in this configuration, I'd be very interested!

Thanks in advance,


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