[PlanetCCRMA] building Ardour3

Michael E. Smith melkhorn at gmx.de
Mon May 28 03:36:16 PDT 2012

Hello there,

In the interest of testing and bug reporting, I'm trying to build 
ardour3 from source.

Right now versions of lilv (>=0.14.0 required, 0.5.0 installed), and 
indirectly lv2 (>=1.0.0 required, can't tell from yumex vis-a-vis 
lv2core what's installed), are too old. In the meantime I'll probably 
build those from source as well, but are there plans to update those in 
the ccrma repositories or are we at the mercy of the greater fedora 

Also, What exactly is the relationship between numbered versions of 
lv2core and lv2?

Finally, I normally use yumex to affect package management, but there I 
can't see something akin to synaptic's 'properties' tab to see what 
files (and versions of same!) are associated/installed with which 
packages. Is there a convenient way, via yumex or yum to see such info?



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