[PlanetCCRMA] Impact of choice of desktop on audio performance

jh at brainiac.com jh at brainiac.com
Mon May 21 09:22:10 PDT 2012

> As desktops become more demanding on resources, I'm wondering if the
> choice of GNOME 3, MATE, or KDE 4 has an impact on audio performance.
> This is something to consider as F17 is released.  Should I instal itl,
> or stay with, say, GNOME 2 on F13?

I have used Fluxbox as a lightweight desktop on my studio machines for a
long time.  When I first started using Linux for audio work, Gnome would
definitely have an impact on the performance of Jack.

Systems now are usually multi-core with lots of RAM in comparison to when
I started with Linux audio so the desktop might not affect things at all,
but I still use Fluxbox.  Others seem to like LXDE as a lightweight

Ultimately, on my studio machines, I don't run anything I don't need and
it still seems to make sense.  I can't prove one way or another whether
Gnome3 will affect the system, but I'd avoid it just because it's
certainly nowhere near being considered lightweight!

- Joe

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