[PlanetCCRMA] GUI Issues with Dell Vostro

Peter Adamson pga at rochma.com
Mon Mar 19 16:07:33 PDT 2012

Sorry for the lack of clarity.

When I play a midi track using fluidsynth to make the sounds, the sound 
is not smooth. To get a smooth sound I need to modify Jack settings to 
the point where the latency is too high.

In short, if I use the unmodified kernel instead of the low-latency 
kernel, by the time I get a smooth sound and low xruns my latency is too 

So I need the low-latency kernel but it freezes on my laptop so my 
immediate problem is to find out how to make the low-latency kernel work 
on a Dell Vostro 1710.

Any help appreciated.
> On Sun, 18 Mar 2012, Peter Adamson wrote:
>> I have tried recording with the basic kernel. Latency seems to be
>> exactly the same as with the modified kernel. However midi playback is
>> not as smooth (clicks at start/end of midi segments).
> What do you mean by "midi playback"?
> MIDI does not "click", audio does. Does this mean you try to play a 
> MIDI file using some kind of internal softsynth? Maybe fluidsynth or 
> timidity ?
> I personally would not call that "midi playback".

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