[PlanetCCRMA] sced missing from Gedit plugins

Schindler, Allan aschindler at esm.rochester.edu
Thu Jul 5 15:35:48 PDT 2012

After a couple of days away I have implemented suggestions from Fernando and
Jeff Sandys (thanks to both of you) and am backon the hunt trying to get
supercollider working with gedit version 3.2.6-1.fc16 in F16.

The short story:
After upgrading to SC version 3.5 from the ccrma testing repository, however, I
have run into new compilation issues, and have lost SC functionality with emacs
as well.  I don't think I am missing any packages, and don't see any obsoleted
packages, but I obviously do not have SC configured correctly.
Jeff : If you could send your working SC configuration in a reply or to me
offlist I would be grateful.

The verbose version:
After downloading and installing  planetccrma-repo-testing-1-1.3.fc16.ccrma.noarch.rpm
the update revealed:
(1/12): supercollider-3.5.2-1.fc16.ccrma.i686.rp | 7.7 MB
(2/12): supercollider-ambiem-3.5-0.1.svn2303.fc1 |  55 kB
(3/12): supercollider-cruciallib-3.5-0.1.svn2303 | 202 kB
(4/12): supercollider-dewdrop-3.5-0.1.svn2303.fc | 358 kB
(5/12): supercollider-emacs-3.5.2-1.fc16.ccrma.i |  66 kB
(6/12): supercollider-gedit-3.5.2-1.fc16.ccrma.i |  28 kB
(7/12): supercollider-mathlib-3.5-0.1.svn2303.fc |  93 kB
(8/12): supercollider-reduniverse-3.5-0.1.svn230 | 221 kB
(9/12): supercollider-sc3-plugins-3.5-0.2.git201 | 4.4 MB
(10/12): supercollider-swingosc-0.65-1.fc16.ccrm | 1.4 MB
(11/12): supercollider-vim-3.5.2-1.fc16.ccrma.i6 |  35 kB
(12/12): supercollider-world-2012.05.05-1.fc16.c | 3.3 kB
and this summary from yum:
  supercollider.i686 0:3.5.2-1.fc16.ccrma
  supercollider-sc3-plugins.i686 0:3.5-0.2.git20120508.fc16.ccrma
Dependency Installed:
  supercollider-cruciallib.i686 0:3.5-0.1.svn2303.fc16.ccrma
  supercollider-swingosc.i686 1:0.65-1.fc16.ccrma
  supercollider-ambiem.i686 0:3.5-0.1.svn2303.fc16.ccrma
  supercollider-dewdrop.i686 1:3.5-0.1.svn2303.fc16.ccrma
  supercollider-emacs.i686 0:3.5.2-1.fc16.ccrma
  supercollider-gedit.i686 0:3.5.2-1.fc16.ccrma
  supercollider-mathlib.i686 0:3.5-0.1.svn2303.fc16.ccrma
  supercollider-reduniverse.i686 0:3.5-0.1.svn2303.fc16.ccrma
  supercollider-vim.i686 0:3.5.2-1.fc16.ccrma
  supercollider-world.i686 0:2012.05.05-1.fc16.ccrma
  supercollider-extras.i686 0:3.4.5-1.fc16.ccrma
  supercollider-libscsynth.i686 0:3.4.5-1.fc16.ccrma
  supercollider-sclang.i686 0:3.4.5-1.fc16.
I  seem to have all of the available supercollider packages except
supercollider-extras.i686, supercollider-libscsynth.i686 and supercollider-sclang.i686
(all version 3.4.5-1), but an attempted install of these 3 reveals that they
are obsoleted in supercollider-3.5.2-1.
I moved the contents of deprecated directory ~/share/SuperCollider
to ~/.local/share/SuperCollider.

My current situation is that the supercollider plugin appears in gedit's
preferences->plugins, but when invoking SuperCollider Mode in gedit compilation
fails with a list of parse and class error messages in
(e.g. "Cannot find superclass 'Solver' for class 'Euler' in file
/usr/share/SuperCollider/Extensions/MathLib/classes/Solver/Solver.sc" and
"Class extension for nonexistent class 'Start Row' in file

I also can no longer run SC with emacs -sclang, which returns 2 similar errors:
ERROR: file '/usr/share/SuperCollider/Extensions/MathLib/classes/LazyLindenmayer/extStringRewrite.sc' parse failed
error parsing
ERROR: Class extension for nonexistent class 'StartRow'
     In file:'/usr/share/SuperCollider/Extensions/dewdrop_lib/ddwGUIEnhancements3.4/recursiveResize.sc'

I see that my supercollider-mathlib and supercollider-dewdrop package versions
do not match the main supercollider version exactly, but they appear to be
the most current versions.
Any ideas anyone?

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Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2012 10:40:10 -0700
From: Jeff Sandys <jpsandys at gmail.com>
Subject: Re: [PlanetCCRMA] sced missing from Gedit plugins
To: planetccrma at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
	<CAB5a9afEMBy2KM8uFLA1jb_njngf=3FAB8goH92Ocrn5g7ywkw at mail.gmail.com>
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> On 06/28/2012 06:35 AM, Schindler, Allan wrote:
>> ... I have lost sced functionality
>> in gedit for editing/running SuperCollider. The sced plugin no
>> longer appears in gedit's Preferences->Plugins list.
>> SuperCollider runs fine with emacs (I get sound out).
>> Packages supercollider, supercollider-gedit, supercollider-world (all
>> version ?3.4.5 release 1.fc16.ccrma) are installed.
>> supercollider.lang file exists in /usr/share/gtksourceview-2.0/language-specs.
>> supercollider.xml exists in /usr/share/mime/packages.
>> The sced directory and ?the sced.gedit-plugin file both exist in /usr/lib/gedit-2/plugins
>> In desperation I also tried copying these into ~/.local/share/gedit/plugins.
>> One other anomoly, although probably unrelated: when opening Gedit, I get the
>> Gtk error message
>>? ?Failed to load module "pk-gtk-module"
>> although a yum check reveals:
>> Package PackageKit-gtk-module-0.6.22-2.fc16.i686 already installed and latest version
> I don't think you have missed anything, I think supercollider 3.4.x does
> not support Gedit3 (which is what fc16 has). You would have to upgrade
> to supercollider 3.5.x - that one is available from the planetccrma
> testing repository in fc16 (install planetccrma-repo-testing to access
> that) - I'm not 100% sure the upgrade will be fully automatic, you may
> have to remove some package manually as the names and contents of
> packages shifted (long story). Let me know how it goes.
> -- Fernando

I have fedora 16 x86_64 on my laptop, sced didn't work at first,
but it does now.  I'm not sure what I did to fix it, but last week I
tried it, thinking that I might be able to get time off from work
to attend the Supercollider class at CCRMA (sadly, not).

I have Supercollider 3.5.2 and gedit 3.2.6
The supercollider.plugin and supercollider.py are in the
usr/lib64/gedit/plugins folder, and PackageKit-gtk3-module is
installed.  I see that there is both a gedit and gedit-2 folder,
maybe this is the issue.

If you have any questions about my configuration that might
help you solve the problem ask me directly or on the list.
Even though I have used emacs for a long time, supercollider
with gedit is my preference.

-- Jeff


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