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Brendan Jones brendan.jones.it at gmail.com
Mon Jan 2 00:32:37 PST 2012

On 01/01/2012 11:14 AM, Simon Lewis wrote:

>> As for your question about a2jmidid I just pkill it also.
> There must be a better/more professional way of doing this - since
> a2jmidid is dbus capable.
Your right, although I have not tried it.  /usr/bin/a2j_control should 
be used to start/stop in D-Bus mode. More details here.

>> Another script I use in f16 that I put in my path is this: (the $1
>> parameter is either start or stop. pre|post in yr examples). I'm a
>> developer so most people won't be using a lot of these services
>> anyway, but you can tailor it for your needs:
>> fedora16:~ $ cat ~/bin/audio_services
>> #!/bin/bash
>> beesu systemctl $1 nfs-idmap.service nfs-lock.service ksm.service
>> ksmtuned.service abrtd.service cups.socket cups.service
>> sm-client.service sendmail.service ntpd.service mysqld.service
>> httpd.service libvirtd.service crond.service sshd.service smb.service
>> if [ $1 == "stop" ]
>> then beesu modprobe -r ath9k
>> else beesu modprobe ath9k;
>> fi
> That's an interesting idea, especially as my laptop is multi-user and I
> need a solution where the default configuration can be used by everybody
> but I can "switch" into a special audio configuration as and when required.
> It would be nice if Fedora-music could pick this up a make a nice gui
> which would allow a normal user to switch an installation into an
> audio/video optimsed mode and back to an home-office mode.
I'm always thinking of the better ways to tackle this. Perhaps we could 
do something as you suggest... shouldn't be too hard.

>> Cross posting to Fedora-music also as I think this is of keen interest
>> there (apologies)
> The biggest contribution that the Fedora-music team can make is too
> persuade the fedora-core team to introduce a rolling update release aka
> openSUSE Tumbelweed and Linux Mint. The multimedia apps (on linux) are
> bleeding edge whereby the developers of the most interesting apps are
> willing to make bug fixes and introduce new features quickly.
> Unfortunately, these improvements upstream never filter down to the
> fedora repos mostly because there are too few fedora packagers. A single
> rolling release with snapshot releases for marketing purposes would meet
> fedora aims for an actual distribution and significantly reduce the work
> load.
Have you tried Rawhide? I maintain rawhide on at least two of my 
systems, with only the very occasional breakages. Fedora as a 
distribution tends to be the first to go with the big changes (I'm 
thinking systemd / Gnome 3 etc) and I'm not sure that this kind of 
effort could be coordinated into smaller rolling releases.
I find that most packages are relatively up to date in rawhide / rawhide 
-1 . Raising bugs to alert packages to new upstream releases is always a 
really good idea. Some packagers maintain so many it is hard to keep 
track of.

> Happy New Year, Simon
Happy New Year to all

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