[PlanetCCRMA] [Fedora-music-list] pulseaudio-1.1-3

Simon Lewis simon.lewis at slnet-online.de
Sun Jan 1 02:14:42 PST 2012

Hi Brendan

> Just a few questions. 1. There's no reason why these scripts cannot 
> run with 0.9.2 right?

The pulseaudio version available in the fc15 repos is at best 
troublesome and 13 months old... For me at least, there are only 2 
options that can be considered:

1) If pulseaudio isn't needed - remove all pulseaudio packages except 
the the basic library (the pulseaudio library is used by some apps for 
audio manipulation even if the pulseaudio daemon for input/output is not 

2) Try a more up-to-date pulseaudio version - I had no choice as the 
younger members of my family insist on Skyping and this only works 
reliably with pulseaudio and not alsa. Pulseaudio is still not perfect 
as it won't release the bindings with the audio streams coming from 
video grabbers which I would like to record directly in sync with the 
video signal. Pity the Jack-Audio-Connection-Kit is not an 

I have researched the internet but have been unable to find a reliable 
working solution to record combined video/audio sources - any ideas?

> 2. what version of jackd are you using - from the repos? or have you 
> compiled your own with DBUS support? (jackdbus only just hit f16 
> recently and you are using f15)
The 1.9.7-2 version in the fedora 15 repos is dbus enabled ;}

> As for your question about a2jmidid I just pkill it also.
There must be a better/more professional way of doing this - since 
a2jmidid is dbus capable.

> Another script I use in f16 that I put in my path is this: (the $1 
> parameter is either start or stop. pre|post in yr examples). I'm a 
> developer so most people won't be using a lot of these services 
> anyway, but you can tailor it for your needs:
> fedora16:~ $ cat ~/bin/audio_services
> #!/bin/bash
> beesu systemctl $1 nfs-idmap.service nfs-lock.service ksm.service 
> ksmtuned.service abrtd.service cups.socket cups.service 
> sm-client.service  sendmail.service ntpd.service mysqld.service 
> httpd.service libvirtd.service crond.service sshd.service smb.service
> if [ $1 == "stop" ]
>     then beesu modprobe -r ath9k
>     else beesu modprobe ath9k;
> fi
That's an interesting idea, especially as my laptop is multi-user and I 
need a solution where the default configuration can be used by everybody 
but I can "switch" into a special audio configuration as and when  required.

It would be nice if Fedora-music could pick this up a make a nice gui 
which would allow a normal user to switch an installation into an 
audio/video optimsed mode and back to an home-office mode.

> Cross posting to Fedora-music also as I think this is of keen interest 
> there (apologies)
The biggest contribution that the Fedora-music team can make is too 
persuade the fedora-core team to introduce a rolling update release aka 
openSUSE Tumbelweed and Linux Mint. The multimedia apps (on linux) are 
bleeding edge whereby the developers of the most interesting apps are 
willing to make bug fixes and introduce new features quickly. 
Unfortunately, these improvements upstream never filter down to the 
fedora repos mostly because there are too few fedora packagers. A single 
rolling release with snapshot releases for marketing purposes would meet 
fedora aims for an actual distribution and significantly reduce the work 

Happy New Year, Simon

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