[PlanetCCRMA] Nouveau working on F-16

Juan Reyes juanig at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Thu Feb 16 09:01:56 PST 2012

Thanks for the advice Nando!.

> Well, I would suggest that if it works for your purposes then keep
> it! It is good to know that it is getting better. Have you tested how
> it works with Jack running with, say, 128 x 2?

Tried Jack 128 x 4 44100 and 48000 SR.

Using 'sndplay' I get almost no Xruns either on F-16 Stock Kernel.On the 
RT Kernel  I get no Xrun.

For more demand on grpahics and audio, by using Pd, same Jack settings, 
on F-16 stock kernels I get Xruns almost every time I move the mouse or 
a window. Plus I get graphic async errors. On the RT Kernel situation is 
improved a little bit.

However if I change Jack settings to 256 x 4 44100 and 48000 SR., I 
don't get any errors either on stock kernels or in the RT Kernel.

On both Jack situations I played a three minute four channel soundfile 
and I didn't get any dropouts or glitches, but 'sndplay' puts little 
demand on graphics. But testing audio on Pd (eight channels), while I 
dragged windows, toggle and changed, patch parameters, etc, on 128 x 4, 
I got previously described Xruns and async errors.

I am using Rt Kernel:
jackdmp 1.9.8

I am reluctant to jump into conclusions now, but yes!, I can see Nouveau 
is getting better and seems to me there is better performance on RT Kernels.

   --* Juan

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