[PlanetCCRMA] 3.0 rt kernel (rt18)

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano nando at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Mon Oct 17 09:30:06 PDT 2011

On 10/17/2011 07:01 AM, Mark Knoop wrote:
> At 13:45 on 13 Oct 2011, Fernando Lopez-Lezcano wrote:
>> Hi, I just released preliminary packages of 3.0.6 + the latest rt18...
>> they are available for fc15 on the planetcore-testing repository.
>> Usual caveats apply, not much testing done. Useful feedback would be
>> welcome in the rt kernel mailing list.
> Many thanks for this Fernando. I've not had a chance to do any real
> testing yet, but the kernel boots with no problems and everything seems
> to work.
> A quick run of jack exposed quite a few xruns, many *more* than the
> default kernel, but perhaps I need to adjust a few parameters. (Does
> the --realtime-priority need to be set higher?)

My measurements using the usual rt test (cyclictest) showed that the 3.x 
rt kernels were not yet up to the low latency levels of 2.6.33.x, but 
they seemed to be better than the stock Fedora kernel. If you have rtirq 
installed everything should be automatically set for you (I hope :-) You 
could check to see what priority is jack starting with, should be 60 if 
I remember correctly.

-- Fernando

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