[PlanetCCRMA] pulseaudio-1.1-3

Simon Lewis simon.lewis at slnet-online.de
Sat Nov 26 04:25:50 PST 2011

Just one of those aha experiences - not sure if anyone is interested but 
here it is anyway...

On my fc15 x86_64 installation I built and installed pulseaudio-1.1 from 
the pulseaudio-1.1-3.fc17.src.rpm as found on 

The main reason for doing this is the better emulation of alsa in 
pulseaudio-1.1 compared to pulseaudio-0.9.2x.

Not only does pulseaudio run perfectly on top of jackd, but it is 
possible to route alsa only apps like sunvox into qtractor/ardour.

To do this I needed the four scripts listed at the bottom of this e-mail.

I used Qjackctl to run the scripts with the following entries in the 
options tab of the settings dialogue:

Execute script on Startup:    
/home//username//.scripts/pulse-jack-pre-start.sh &

Execute script after Startup:    
/home//username//.scripts/pulse-jack-post-start.sh & a2jmidid -e &

Execute script on Shutdown:    
/home//username//.scripts/pulse-jack-pre-stop.sh & killall a2jmidid &

Execute script after Shutdown:    
/home//username//.scripts/pulse-jack-post-stop.sh &

If anyone has a better way to start and stop a2jmidid, I would be 

Regards, Simon

pacmd suspend true

pactl load-module module-jack-sink channels=2
pactl load-module module-jack-source channels=2
pacmd set-default-sink jack_out
pacmd set-default-source jack_in

SINKID=$(pactl list | grep -B 1 "Name: module-jack-sink" | grep Module | 
sed 's/[^0-9]//g')
SOURCEID=$(pactl list | grep -B 1 "Name: module-jack-source" | grep 
Module | sed 's/[^0-9]//g')
pactl unload-module $SINKID
pactl unload-module $SOURCEID
sleep 5

pacmd suspend false

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