[PlanetCCRMA] Reliable version of Fedora using rt-kernel?

John S. Dey john at jsdey.com
Sat Nov 12 14:06:42 PST 2011


I'm currently using 3.0.7-1.rt20.1.fc15.ccrma.x86_64.rt as my kernel on fc15 running on a thinkpad T60p with ATI graphics.  I haven't been able to find settings for jackd that produce reliable real time performance.  In the past I could achieve latency as presented in qjackctl of less than 10ms.  Now I get xruns with latencies of 40ms and more.  The stock kernel is just as good.

Over Thanksgiving I want to demonstrate the music suite of applications to an organist I recently met who has midified an organ.  I would like to take his midi feed and synthesize an organ using Aeolus.

My question:  What version of Fedora should I use with CCRMA rt-kernel to produce the most reliable real time performance?  Thanks.


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