[PlanetCCRMA] orphaning 30+ packages

Craig Bourne cbourne at cbourne.com
Sat Jun 4 08:50:02 PDT 2011

Can you clarify for me please the impact on Rosegarden4 due to its being 

I ask because maintaining this code would, for me,  be a non-trivial 
commitment and one that I could ill afford if there are others able to 
shoulder this burden. However, rather than see further development 
stalled on this project I would try to pitch in till other maintainers 
step up.

Craig Bourne

On 05/21/11 13:06, Orcan Ogetbil wrote:
> Hi friends,
> This was a hard email to write. I have been in the Fedora audio
> creation group for a while now. Due to ongoing circumstances, I needed
> to reevaluate my preferences in what I want to do. I concluded that I
> have to give over some packages since I believe I am not dedicating as
> much time as they deserve anymore. This will hopefully open up some
> slot for me to concentrate in more core packages that I maintain and
> in my upstream projects. And hopefully, people with better motivation
> will pick these packages up.
> I am sending this email first to the Music list before the Devel list
> as usual. If you want to continue maintaining one of the packages
> below, and you read this mailing list, you will have the priority.
> Please pick up whatever you feel like that needs to be picked up,
> otherwise the package may be dropped from Fedora:
> - aldrin: Modular music sequencer/tracker. dead project. there is a
> fork called neil which is active but not in Fedora. has 1 open ABRT
> bug.
> - armstrong: library. dead. needed by aldrin only.
> - auto-buildrequires: Work out BuildRequires for rpmbuild automatically.
> - bio2jack: dead library. required by k3guitune. IIRC k3guitune can be
> compiled without bio2jack support.
> - clthreads: library. needed by jconvolver
> - creox: dead kde3 project. Real-time Sound Processor. have other
> packages with similar functionality. has 1 open bug.
> - kguitar: dead kde3 project. it has an unfinished kde4 port. Guitar
> Tabulature Music Editor. have other packages with same functionality
> - ctan-musixtex-fonts, tex-musixtex: Sophisticated music typesetting.
> needed by kguitar
> - esperanza: dead media player GUI for xmms2. not using anymore. xmms1
> is still good :)
> - flowcanvas: library. no other Fedora package uses it.
> - frescobaldi: lilypond editor.
> - guitarix: Mono amplifier to JACK. has very nice and responsive upstream.
> - hydrogen-drumkits: this was a collection of drumkits. hydrogen has
> now its own interface to download drumkits. I think there is no need
> to distribute this selection.
> - jack_capture: Record sound files with JACK. has nice responsive
> upstream. has 1 open ABRT bug.
> - jamin: JACK Audio Mastering interface. has 2 open ABRT bugs.
> - jconvolver: Real-time Convolution Engine
> - lv2-c++-tools: lv2 c++ support library. required by lv2-ll-plugins,
> lv2-EQ10Q-plugins
> - lv2-ll-plugins
> - meterbridge: required by jconvolver. has 1 open ABRT bug.
> - minicomputer: Software Synthesizer application
> - pdf-renderer: java library. required by itext-rups. I did not meet
> anyone who needed itext-rups. did you?
> - pytagger: ID3 Tag Reader and Writer Library for Python 2
> - raul: Realtime Audio Utility Library. no other Fedora package uses it.
> - rosegarden4: MIDI, audio and notation editor. has 14 open ABRT bugs.
> I was actually a comaintainer for this, but have been doing the
> primary maintanence in the last 2 years.
> - rtaudio: Real-time Audio I/O Library. needed by armstrong only.
> - rumor: Really Unintelligent Music transcriptOR. required by
> frescobaldi. has 1 open FTBFS bug #704535. I proposed a patch for the
> bug in the bugzilla.
> - tse3: dead library. needed by kguitar
> - unalz: decompression utility for alz files.
> - unoconv: Tool to convert between any document format supported by
> LibreOffice. has 1 open ABRT bug.
> - zita-convolver: Convolution engine library. needed by guitarix and jconvolver
> - zita-resampler: Fast, high-quality sample rate conversion library.
> needed by guitarix
> Best,
> Orcan
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