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Wed Jan 26 12:07:08 PST 2011

Regarding http://nicubunu.blogspot.com/2011/01/fedora-from-bleeding-edge-to-bleeding.html

> Link to this post:
> http://www.google.com/buzz/109348954914940290321/Y1eJpXMRqmq/Fedora-from-bleeding-edge-to-bleeding-contributors

> Jan 24 Alison Chaiken: Fedora: from bleeding edge to bleeding contributors
"The problem is: Fedora used to be a distro aimed at advanced users,
the ones that are likely, and we want, to contribute back and now is
changing into a distro aimed at the Girl Scouts of America. A huge
identity crisis, we are tying to become the second Ubuntu and this is
not good."
> Jan 25 Alison Chaiken: Bring back man pages as a distro default I say. And emacs!
> Jan 25 anuz pratap: are they removing man pages? this is blasphemy.
> Jan 25 Alison Chaiken: Anuz, I was gobsmacked to find that F14 didn't ship with man pages. They easily yum-installed, but still! Don't "advanced users" want man pages?
> Jan 25 anuz pratap: yes, who are those idiots who make such brain dead decisions? The problem with fedora is not its capabilities or support, the problem is marketing. Creating a candy out of fedora will not attract girls scout, but it will definitely make loyalist(are you listening redhat) angry. Why they always try to solve the wrong problem.
> Jan 25 Alison Chaiken: Canonical are better at marketing than engineering, while Fedora is the reverse. Having said that, hats off to Canonical for their upstart and touch work, which solid to me.
> 11:51 am Wolfgang Rupprecht: I was just commenting the other day on the fedora users list how it is nigh impossible to figure out which program to use in some cases. Some poor guy installed a broken program (I forget which) to read pdf files. The resident pdf program, evince, had no easy way to find it. The cryptic name doesn't invoke images of "pdf reader". The tried and true "man -k pdf" didn't find it, and lastly looking at the various bins for something with "pdf" in the name didn't find it. At this point, I'm not sure Fedora meets the needs of newbies or seasoned unix/linux users.
> 11:56 am anuz pratap: well, you have to double click the pdf file to invoke evince. Else go for okular, it reads all sort of documents like comics, pdf, dejavu. you can also install adobe pdf reader, it works fine on fedora.

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