[PlanetCCRMA] RME Hammerfall on Centos 5.5

Donald Steven t6sn7gt at aim.com
Tue Feb 8 00:47:47 PST 2011

I can't seem to find the right command to unmute and enable the output 
volume of the RME Hammerlfall 9632 on Centos 5.5.  The card is working 
on Fedora 14 with the CCRMA setup.  Under Centos, I can hear some volume 
when I test it using gnome-sound-properties, but I can't get any sound 
out of programs.  I think the card is muted and/or the PCM and other 
volumes are set to 0.  I can see the sound in HDSP mixer 'trying to get 
out' (the two input channels are active), but I can't seem to figure out 
what alsamixer or other utility command or initialization in an rc file 
I need to unmute it and to set initial volume levels to other than 0.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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