[PlanetCCRMA] firewire on CCRMA-Fedora-12

linux media 4 linuxmedia4 at netscape.net
Mon Sep 20 22:42:47 PDT 2010

> Hi,
> This week I installed CCRMA-Fedora-13 but had to abandon it because I
> couldn't get the firewire driver working with my Focusright Saffire Pro
> 10 (the jack ports had long numerical names and wouldn't let certain
> ports connect with other ports). I googled around for quite a while, but
> found no solution.
> So I installed CCRMA-Fedora-12. At first it was saying that it couldn't
> find jack_firewire.so, but I found a post that mentioned that you have
> to install libffado-devel (along with libffado of course). But now jackd
> fails with the message:
> bash>  /usr/bin/jackd -dfirewire -r96000 -p1024 -n3
> [CUT]
> JACK server starting in realtime mode with priority 60
> 01345759929:  (ffado.cpp)[  92] ffado_streaming_init: libffado 2.999.0-
> built Jul 18 2010 21:25:26
> firewire ERR: FFADO: Error creating virtual device
> Cannot attach audio driver
> JackServer::Open() failed with -1
> no message buffer overruns
> Failed to start server
> I did a bit of googling around tonight but ran out of time. Does anyone
> know how to get this working?
> Here are the details...
> bash>  uname -r
> bash>  yum list jack-audio-connection-kit
> Installed Packages
> jack-audio-connection-kit.i686  1.9.4-1.fc12.ccrma  @planetccrma
> bash>  yum list ffado
> Installed Packages
> ffado.i686  2.0.1-3.20100706.svn1864.fc12  @updates
> bash>  yum list libraw1394
> Installed Packages  libraw1394.i686 2.0.5-2.fc12 @updates
> Any ideas of how to get firewire working would be appreciated. I would
> prefer to work with CCRMA-Fedora-12 because it's already up and running,
> and besides, I couldn't get my wireless connection working with
> CCRMA-Fedora-13.
> Thanks,
> Rocco

Following a hint while googling, I temporarily changed the permissions 
on /dev/raw1394 to make myself the owner. It worked. So that tells me 
the base of the problem.

As you can see...

bash> ls -la /dev/raw1394
crw-rw---- 1 root root 171, 0 2010-09-20 21:54 /dev/raw1394

... raw1394 is in the group "root".

I seldom ask anyone to hold my hand, but all the googling isn't telling 
me how to properly set up firewire to allow "normal users" to use it, 
and I don't want to experiment with things that can cause problems on my 
system. There seems to be a lot of layers to setting up permissions and 
I'm not understanding. What is the proper way of setting things up to 
allow normal users to access firewire?

Thank you,

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