[PlanetCCRMA] meegolem -- adding rpmfusion, fedora and planetccrma repositories to meego

David Nielson naptastic at comcast.net
Mon Sep 20 08:40:43 PDT 2010

> ... After installing, I can plugin a USB keyboard (Akai LPK25), setup
> routing in qjackctl, and run qtractor (with fluidsynth dssi plugin
> synthesizer) and hear/record music. Works beautifully, even with the
> built-in audio on an acer aspireone netbook.
A close friend of mine has an Acer Aspire One and we have never managed 
to get good playback quality under any conditions--not Windows, Ubuntu, 
or Fedora; neither playing back MP3 or OGG files, nor synthesizing new 
sounds using qsynth. No matter what settings we try, there are always 
audible skips and dropouts. Do you experience this with your Aspire One? 
(How) Did you fix it?

David Nielson

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