[PlanetCCRMA] fc13: alsa-tools, jconvolver

Juan Reyes juanig at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sun Sep 19 15:55:25 PDT 2010

Hi Nando,

Thanks a lot for 'akmod-nvidia' at PlanetCore testing.

Since I was using the nvidia binary (and ftr), I had to the following:

- ./nvidia-installer --uninstall
-  yum install akmod-nvidia
- yum reinstall mesa-libGL mesalibGLU
      (this will reinstall the correct libgl)
- /sbin/reboot

After rebooting on PlanetCCRMA's RT Kernel, akmods is happy building the
new nvidia driver. 

> [*] nothing's easy, on the new laptop I'm using fc13 and the version of
> evolution that comes with it is not happy with all my email data - for
> some reason it refuses to show the INBOX of my main account, everything
> else is fine, so now I'm trying to move to thunderbird (something I've
> been meaning to do for a while). 
I had the same problem with Evolution but I am not sure if this is the
right permanent solution. Plus I don't know how much syncing can be done
this way.

On a fresh ~/.evolution directory I had to use 'restore-settings' on
Evolution 2.30.3 (F13) from a previous tarball obtained by
'backup-settings' on Evolution 2.28.3 (F12).

For what I can see 'backup-settings' also goes through mail

BTW, Also thanks for the report on the T510. 

  --* Juan


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