[PlanetCCRMA] Legato slur and midi

Al Thompson biggles58 at sbcglobal.net
Tue Sep 7 11:14:43 PDT 2010

Stephen Stubbs wrote:
> **
> searching the web I  have seen it suggested that some midi synth engines
> will produce slurred notes if you overlap them. I was thinking of
> modifying a midi file to test this using fluid synth.
> Before I do that can anybody out there tell me
> 1. Is this going to work and if so how much overlap should be applied?
> 2. Is there a better open source way of producing this effect.
> 3. Is it possible to control the attack/decay in line?
> If not I'll probably just hack a short midi file with a hex editor.
> Unless you know a better way?
> Bob Smith
> _______________________________________________
> Have you checked into the Control Change commands and the continuous
> controllers of your MIDI synth?
> If the continuous controller called Pitch-Bend is available on your
> MIDI synth, that would probably be the easiest method for slurring.
> For attack and decay, maybe:
> Sound Controller #3 (Number 72, range value 0-127) is for Release Time
> Sound Controller #4 (Number 73, range value 0-127) is for Attack Time

The Roland JV/XP engines have "Legato Portamento," which uses portamento
between notes only of those two notes are played legato (overlap). 
Other engines may have the same thing. 

As far as the attack and release parameters, nearly all synth engines
allow you to control them via CC messages, but I doubt that they are the
same CC# for different brands, so he'd have to look in his manual for
the list of CC controllers.


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