[PlanetCCRMA] 64bit, 32bit, and other things

Tracey Hytry shakti at bayarea.net
Sat Mar 13 18:47:28 PST 2010

Fernando;  if you could, could you put the newest builds of the kernels in the testing repo?  I feel that there are enough folks here with the patience to test them and get feedback back to you and the rt-devs.

About the 2.6.33* kernels and nvidia drivers;  same here as Steve has found.  I wish there was a way, because it's always been impossible to run this machine with the graphics drivers that the kernel or xorg folks have brewed up so far.  I'm going to try to give it another chance at using the nouveau driver, may even try the fedora 13 beta if that's what it takes.

I just checked updates and see that there's some more rpm-fusion nvidia stuff;  I can only hope???

I just moved over from fedora 11 to fedora 12, still doing testing and set-up on it.  So far it's stable.  But please put the newest kernels for fedora 11 in testing if you can Fernando.

About 64 and 32 bit;  I've been running this machine as 64 bit since I set it up a little short of two years ago.  It's a dual core AMD (a bit slow by today's standards(clocked at 2600MHz)), but I run it with 8 Gig of ram.  64 bit has always been nicer on the machine, and I have and older machine that I test 32 bit stuff on sometimes.

And;  it's nice to see people here who know what they're doing(like compiling their own kernels, and compiling and building rpms:)


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