[PlanetCCRMA] jack_capture with jack 1.9.4 complains about nice value of "-10", wants "-20"

Kjetil S. Matheussen k.s.matheussen at notam02.no
Thu Jun 24 05:49:27 PDT 2010

On Wed, 23 Jun 2010, Kjetil S. Matheussen wrote:

> On Tue, 22 Jun 2010, Fernando Lopez-Lezcano wrote:
>>> However, for some reason, fedora only allows normal processes
>>> to set nice value to -10! That doesn't make very much sense
>>> if you are allowed to set processes to run with a realtime
>>> priority. So that's the reason for the warning. The solution
>>> to get rid of the warning is to fix the /etc/security/limits.conf
>>> file.
>> Or to query what is the maximum negative SCHED_OTHER priority you are
>> allowed to use and use that (I know that is possible with realtime
>> SCHED_FIFO, you can query what are the max and mix values allowed,
>> hopefully that would also be possible with SCHED_OTHER).
> Of course! Thanks, I forgot about those.

Nah, returns 0 no matter what. :-( "man sched_get_priority_max" says:

"Linux allows the static priority value range 1 to 99 for SCHED_FIFO and 
SCHED_RR and the priority 0 for  SCHED_OTHER  and  SCHED_BATCH."

Better fix that /etc/security/limits.conf file.

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