[PlanetCCRMA] RT Kernel Crash

Tracey Hytry shakti at bayarea.net
Fri Jul 2 00:40:46 PDT 2010

Thanks Donald, and you too, Jonathan.

I can't really make much sense of the logs but they seem to vaguely like things I've seen on one of the kernel lists.

Both of your logs indicated non-tainted kernels, which is something the rt-kernel devs can use.

Most of the time when I was seeing very strange problems on this machine;  usually typing "dmesg" on a term was enough to get the kernel dump.  I'd scroll up from the bottom and copy over everything from just above the kernel dump.  Also, there was always "/var/log/messages" to look at.

I'm not sure what Fernando thinks about it, but I'm all for posting bug reports for the ccrma-rt-kernels here on the list.  I'm sure that the stuff that matters will get forwarded to the right people.

Just try to remember that the kernel folks don't look into problems with kernels that are running proprietary drivers, so if your dump says it's "tainted" instead of "non-tainted", you are on your own!

BTW, on this machine I could never turn in a bug report because it was tainted with the "nvidia" driver.  I had to run the machine with the driver because it was an "sli" card and the nouveau and nv driver would not work with it.  I finally went and replaced it with a newer, but less power hungry :) nvidia card that works with the nouveau driver.

When I was having crashes it took forever to find what was wrong, and this with a stock fedora 26.32.xx kernel.  Every crash would point to something else.  I eventually found the problem after turning off all of the daemons I could, and testing, and turning stuff back on until I found that the "cpuspeed" service cannot be used on this machine.  In my case I think it may be because I'm using an early dual core amd64.


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