[PlanetCCRMA] Pd-extended USB audio output on FC12

Peter Kirn peter at createdigitalmedia.net
Wed Jan 13 11:18:35 PST 2010

Kudos to everyone who's worked on Planet-CCRMA on Fedora 12; really,
really impressed with the way everything is put together here.

I'm just having one issue so far. Pd-extended seems to be having some
issues with my USB audio output. I'm using the NI Audio Kontrol 1,
which of course lacks mixer controls. I think what's happening is that
Pd's gain is getting set too high. So, the moment I select the AK1 via
ALSA in Pd, I hear a fizzle out of my speakers -- presumably actually
the noise floor, cranked way up. The moment I try a test sound, even
at -40 dB, I get a horribly distorted sound, as if its gain is set

Internal audio works just fine.

Also, it seems I've wound up with Pulseaudio even though I didn't want
it and tried to disable it on installation, if that's relevant.

Any ideas? Unfortunately, Hans-Christoph is primarily an Ubuntu user,
so I'd love to better sort out out-of-box configuration with Pd on
Fedora. ;)


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