[PlanetCCRMA] [Rosegarden-user] ROSEGARDEN 10.02 RELEASED!

Martin Tarenskeen m.tarenskeen at zonnet.nl
Tue Feb 16 06:45:32 PST 2010

I have compiled Rosegarden 10.02 succesfully on Fedora 12.
To succesfully run the configure script I had to do

unset QTDIR

I don't know why, but I couldn't get it working any other way.

Now it is running happily and looking good !

The problem I posted some time ago about fluidsynth-dssi seems to be 

I only still have a problem with VST plugins that I'm using via 
the dssi-vst package. 
Can anyone reproduce (or even better: fix) the following:

My VST plugins appear in the plugin manager and can be used. Good. If I 
click on the "Editor" button in a plugin dialog the original Windows VST 
GUI appears. So far so good.

Then I close the GUI. After that I cannot open the VST GUI clicking on the 
Editor button: It seems I can only open and close the VST GUI once ! Not 
good !

I have found some really nice free VST instrument plugins on the internet 
that actually work with dssi-vst (not all of them do) via the vsthost 
commandline app that comes with the dssi-vst-0.8 distribution. It would be 
nice to use them also in Rosegarden without problems.



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