[PlanetCCRMA] firewire-jack-pd

Oded Ben-Tal oded at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sat Feb 13 10:41:46 PST 2010

I'm somewhat baffled by the behaviour I'm getting from my system recently. 
I'm developing a Pd patch for a somewhat complicated setting which means 
the patch is getting complex.
The strange thing is that it seems to be running ok when I'm using an old 
USB soundcard using the oss emulation layer (pd -oss)
but when I'm trying it on a new firewire card with jack(*) I'm getting a 
lot of A/D/A sync errors with audible clicks.
I tried changing the buffer size in qjackctl from 64 to 512 and also 
trying 3/4 frames nothing seem to work (except make things impossibly 
worse at 64)

Any suggestions?

(*) firewire card == SaffireLE with 6 outputs. usb card == Quattro. Since 
I'll need the 6 outputs eventually I really hope to get it working.

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