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Paul Schmidt paschmidt57 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 12 02:53:09 PST 2010

If you installed the nVidia driver downloaded from the nVidia web site, 
then you may already have the needed packages installed. Depending on 
the driver source files, you may need a special version of gcc (gcc++) 
or a special version of make (automake, cmake).

If the compile exits with an error, post the very first error that it 
gives, prior to the exit. That will usually provide clues to the problem.


clifffiedler at comcast.net wrote:
> Thanks to several earlier posters that helped me get 
> F12/ccrma/ffado/nVidia working.
> Now I need to compile a driver with the ccrma-rt kernel.  What 
> packages do I need?  Is there an easy way to set up the source tree 
> properly?  In which directory do I type what commands?  Are there easy 
> directions somewhere?
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